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Doughnut Shop Business Plan Formula

Go from donut zero experience to donut HERO
Written by an expert donut business consultant

Donut Shop Business Plan Book
Revised for 2022
This is no boiler plate “theory based” doughnut shop business plan!

This is the only doughnut shop business plan on the internet that addresses both the doughnut and coffee industry with analysis and statistics to support a complete doughnut shop business plan. The doughnut shop business plan formula is also complemented with a 2022 business proforma.

When combined with both the business plan and business proforma, it is a 65 page blueprint to achieve financing!

Written by an entrepreneur and doughnut shop owner with real world experience as a doughnut business consultant

2022 Donut Business Proforma

The accompanying Donut Shop Business Plan Proforma (Included with business plan) complements the donut shop business plan by offering start up costs derived from actual donut businesses and based on 2022 ingrediant lists for (COGS) cost of goods.

Found in the donut business proforma, everything is covered:

Captures Rates:

Example: The table below assumes daily traffic of 15,000 per day (auto & pedestrian), a 1% capture rate, and 150 customers per day. Referring to our calculations for Average Customer Spending Mixture outlined below we project $12.86 spend per customer on average and $1929 per day in revenue in Year one – month, one. Thereafter, we have assumed various monthly and quarterly growth rates that are footnoted below each “Revenue Detailtable below.

COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) – The cost of ingredients and merchandise ordered for resale. The standard COGS for the donut industry is 39%. The higher COGS is due to the purchase of expensive premixes. From scratch donut making COGS should be around 30% or as low as 25%. A Donut and Espresso Business will have a lower COGS than others in the restaurant industry. Many full-service restaurants have a COGS as high as 60% (one of the reasons many restaurants have a low profit margin).

SG&A Expenses (Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses) – Operating costs other than COGS.

EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) – Your revenue minus operating expenses.

Operating Margin – EBIT divided by total revenue. Convert to a percent.

Interest Expense – Interest paid on your loan.

EBT (Earnings Before Taxes) – EBIT minus interest expense

Taxes – Taxes are calculated as a % of your EBT. Tax rates will depend on your business structure. Is it a pass-through entity or a corporate entity? Pass through entities have their profits taxed at the applicable personal income tax bracket. Corporate entities are taxed at a flat corporate rate.

Net Margin – EBT divided by total revenue. Convert to a percent.

The Doughnut Shop Business Plan Formula

The reason most doughnut shop business plans fail to achieve financing is because key information is missing to ensure you can repay the bank loan. I know this sinking feeling from experience!

I made critical mistakes when written my 1st and 2nd business plans. I discovered financial institutes do not care about how much money you are boasting to make. It is critical to clarify how you are going to repay the loan, based on:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Pro-forma income projections based on per industrial standards
  • Sources from to support per industrial standards
  • Vehicular/foot traffic counts to support Pro-forma income projections

Doughnut Shop Business Plan Formula

Table Of Contents:

Donut Business plan table of chapters

As you can see… The doughnut shop business plan formula package is carefully crafted by someone who has actually been there! You will NOT be disappointed!

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donut business start up guide manual book

To complement the doughnut shop business plan. You also will receive my new 38 page Ebook Doughnut Business Start-up Formula. A complete start-up business guide book I wrote based on real world experience in the donut/coffee industry:

1) Lease negotiation from A to Z

2) Buying an established or failing shop

3) Site selection

4) Financing

5) Business Plan Development

The above information is completely separate from the business plan. This eBook alone is priceless…

Folks, this business plan package is actionable information based on real world donut business experienced derived from 3 decades in the donut business.

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  2. Doughnut Business Proforma (Instant Download)
  3. Doughnut Business Start-up Formula PDF (Instant Download)

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